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First time mom

Congratulations! How are you feeling? Elated? Unsure? Tired? Probably all of this and more! I know you have so much to consider and interviewing doulas is probably one of the top things on your list right now. Choosing someone who fits your personal style is so important.


There’s so much to learn about labor and birth... the physical aspects,  labor and birthing positions, breathing and comfort techniques. The list goes on.


And what about the emotions of labor? Excitement, apprehension, curiosity, relief...even anxiety and fear are normal! You want to be sure you hire someone who makes you feel heard, understood, comfortable, safe and supported.  


I totally get it. I love serving first time’s kinda my thing. Let’s connect!

First time mom?

Not you first time

Not your first time to the birthday party?

Congratulations on baby #2, or #3, or #4!  What a champ you are! You clearly know what labor and birth are like and you probably already know the gifts a doula brings to the party. If your previous births went exactly as planned, or even if you managed through some surprises, you know that every birth is different and you’ll need just as much comfort and support this time as you did before.


Maybe you have some different needs this time? Are you planning a TOLAC/VBAC? Or a water birth? Or maybe you want an epidural or you are planning a natural birth in a hospital, birthing center or at home.


I’m here to support you through it all. Let’s chat! I’d love to hear your birth stories and be a part of your newest birth story as you bring this special addition into the world.

Message to birth partner

special message to your

birth partner

Hi! Congratulations on accepting this critical role! Wow, what an amazing gift to be able to support your loved one through labor and childbirth.


She will be relying on you in so many different and wonderful ways. Both of you have so much to learn as you prepare for the birth of your precious little baby. You can do it!


As a doula, I totally get you. And I have your back. Need some tips? Need some labor position ideas? Need someone else to rub her back so you can go to the bathroom? Need help understanding what’s happening? I’ll be there for both of you. We got this my friend!

Message to grandparents

special message to the


A new tiny human being is coming! And you, more than anyone else, know the entirety of what this entails. From preparation, to labor and birth, to the first few months postpartum and beyond, you understand.


The love you have for this new little family cannot be put into words...the glisten in your eyes says it all. And you want to help in so many ways! These days, extended families may not live close by, or work schedules may not provide the time off you wish you had to be able to help. Why not consider giving the gift of birth and postpartum doula services? 


With the expert support of a birth doula,  mothers are able to look back on their birth experience with peace and joy.  And, during the early weeks postpartum, having dependable help at home just seems to take the edge off. Household chores, laundry, cooking, cleaning, tidying, running errands, overnight stays, baby with a newborn is easier with a postpartum doula. Let’s connect!

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